Land Of Contrasts

Set is Vesterbro, Sweden the home of Gitte and Torben Hjorth is a place where opposites coincide. Throughout the home, you’ll find a range of furniture from various eras set next to each other to create unique spaces. These arrangements are further played up by a palette of black, brown, grey and white with hints of red and pink shades. Gitte believes in not going for safe choices and this can be seen it the delicate way in which she has woven different styles together. The result is a home that is delightfully interesting.


Artwork is peppered throughout the home adding a dash of personality and colour to the space.


In the living room, an Ikea sofa sits next to a Rococo chair and a vintage teak table. A graphic rug adds contrast while black accents like the cabinet and chalkboard ground the scheme.


In the dining room, black and white dominates the space with a photograph further enhancing the scheme. Hints of wood add warmth and interest to the space.


In the kitchen, metal adds an industrial touch while pops of chartreuse enliven the palette.



Gitte loves to upcyle/recyle furniture. Here, she has created her own bureau with an old table, cabinet and a stack of bricks.


In the bedroom, a wall of mirrors creates a stunning focal point and brings more light into the space. A set of 3 dressers creates a large sideboard which provides adequate storage while on the bed handmade pillows add a lovely casual yet personal touch.

Images: Bolig Magasinet


Maremma Farmhouse

Located among olive trees, this farmhouse in Maremma is a shining example of how mixing different materials can result in a space that is brimming with charm and personality.

residence9 Relax between the olives

In the living room, a marriage of stone tiles, exposed brick and wood beams creates a stunning yet cosy feel. The wall is painted a rich dark grey for contrast.

residence12 Relax between the olives

Vintage pieces are placed alongside Mid-century ones for a eclectic vibe. Pops of colour inject the space with vibrancy.

residence8 Relax between the olives

In the dining room, a Pantone chair contrasts with more rustic looking furniture pieces providing visual relief but at the same time maintaining interest within the space.

residence7 Relax between the olives

Jewel toned tableware in amethyst, fuschia and teal lend warmth to the scheme.

residence4 Relax between the olives

In the kitchen, pared down cabinets in a contemporary style allows the materials to take center stage within the space. Glass, ceramic and natural finish kitchen accessories enhance the rustic feel.

residence3 Relax between the olives

In the master bedroom, a soft lilac feature wall lends a soothing touch. The scheme is kept simple lending a sense of restrained contemporary elegance.

residence Relax between the olives

In the bathroom, travertine tiles and wood soften the stark white walls. Bursts of pink and orange energise the space while rustic elements add further visual and textural interest.

*Image Source: Indecora





Girly Chic Bachelorette Pad

Based in Toronto, Marlie Waks transforms her condo into a chic and feminine space with the help of her sister Jessica who is the design editor of Style At Home. The design scheme is an eclectic mix of shabby chic and minimalist white rooms which are punctuated with bright pops of colour that  reflects Marlie’s vivacious and magnetic personality perfectly.

In this living room, a set of Chanel prints (bought on Ebay) lend a classic and timeless touch to this space. While colourful custom printed throw pillows add visual interest and infuse the room with warmth.


In the home office, a bold floral wallpaper makes a striking feature wall. White furniture and accent pieces lend contrast as well as helps to maintain balance within the space. By opting for furniture in simple lines a clean organized look is achieved.  A jeweled fuschia rug underfoot grounds the overall scheme.


Patterned vases in juicy colours add a dash of personality to the design scheme.


Even the books (which were given as housewarming gifts) and shelf accessories reinforce the colour scheme.


In the dining room, the scheme is kept neutral so that the Louis XVI-style chairs are the focal point of the space. A crystal chandelier adds a glamourous touch.


Signature decor pieces like this Flamingo add a personal touch to the design scheme.


In the bedroom, large pieces are kept neutral creating an airy feel while allowing  bright accents to shine resulting in a space that’s looks really colourful.

So what do you think of Marlie’s home? Are they certain features that you were drawn to? Please share your comments below.

*Image source: Style At Home

Mexican Villa

This villa in Mexico combines traditional design with a variety of materials and textures for a look that is charming and packed with character.

In the patio, rattan seating gives a relaxed vibe that echoes the nearby beach. Shutters are painted in marigold lending warmth to the space.

In the al fresco dining area, a contemporary dining set in clean lines lends contrast to the worn pillars while lending the space an intimate feel.

The bathroom mimics the colours of the beach with watery blue tiles and shell inspired mirrors. A wooden vanity anchors the scheme.

In the bedroom, a four poster bed creates a focal point within the space and neatly enframes an antique door which acts as a headboard. The vertical lines also draw your eye upwards taking in the architectural elements of the space. At the foot of the bed a vintage blanket chest infuses the space with personality.

In this nook, a vintage table and chair overlook the garden. By keeping the scheme neutral, the outdoors take centerstage yet design aesthetics are not compromised.

*Images: Golden White Decor

Art Filled Apartment

Art takes centerstage in Jenna Snyder-Phillips’ little Italy New York apartment. Made from charcoal  ink and oil, all her of  paintings combine strong lines with fluidity in neutral tones. Using this as a base for her design scheme, she has paired high end pieces with thrift store finds to create a space that is both characterful yet homely.

Layering neutrals lends depth to the living room. The graphic quality of the wall art adds dimension to the space giving an overall grand feel.

“The art and accents are constantly rotating in my home,” Snyder-Phillips explains. “It keeps things fresh and new in a small space.”

In the bedroom, a mirror gives the illusion of a larger space while carefully curated accents lend a personal touch.

A painted brick wall lends subtle contrast to the artwork while fur accents lend an elegant feel. Here, a dresser doubles up as storage as well as a nightstand.

The artwork lends personality to the space through vivid colours and texture.

*Source: Photography by Brittany Ambridge for Domaine



Bold Eclecticism

This family home designed by Maria Lladó combines vintage furniture with bold contrasting colours, velvet furnishings and art for a look that is both unique and stunning.

A rustic sideboard adds textural interest to this area while colourful glassware injects a touch of zing to the space.

In the living room an olive sofa contrasts with the purple area rug. Wassily chairs bring a structural element to the space with their sleek steel frames.

A wall of glass divides the kitchen from the eating area yet maintains an open feel concept. Outside a large scale Roman statute commands attention and gives an elegant classic feel.

In the kitchen Spanish inspired tiles add personality to the simply styled space.

In the master bedroom, the scheme is kept monochromatic for a timeless look. Pops of colour and a zebra rug lend interest and depth to the space.

*Image Source: AD Espana via ECLECchic

Charming Barn Convert

This old barn situated in Oslo was converted to create a space that is brimming with art and personality. With contrasting white walls and bleached wood floors, the interior is the perfect backdrop for patterned wallpaper and quirky accents.

Character Home2

In the living room, pop art and disco lights add a dash of playfulness to the space.

The theme is carried through to the office in confetti inspired wallpaper. Colours are picked out from the wallcovering through accessories for a balanced look.

In the hallway, shoes are hung from a plexiglass shelf. The effect results in an organized look that is aesthetically pleasing as well.

A yellow peacock chair injects the master bedroom with vibrancy yet complements the casual feel of the space.

*Source: Femina