Rosy Spring Cottage

Designed by Dafne Vijande, this cottage located in Cordoba uses classic furniture, woodwork and neutral tones for a cosy yet elegant interior.


Ivory paint unifies the living and dining area for a seamless look. Bright and colourful accessories punctuate the scheme lending a fresh spring like feel.



In the dining area, a table runner overflows from the table for a stately feel while wire frame chairs lend an open feel.


Mismatched chairs lend a laid back feel to the kitchen’s eating area while the chandelier adds a touch of glamour.



By keeping the design scheme in the master bedroom neutral, the space feels more spacious. Colourful accents inject personality into the space.



Layering of soft furnishings turns a third bed into a functional space for reading in this girly bedroom.


In the bathroom, a marble parapet with glass creates distinct zones between wet and dry areas. Rustic vintage elements lend charm to the space while a lace curtain gives a timeless look.


In the patio area terracotta tiles, wrought iron furniture and floral prints welcome spring. The contrast is quite evident as this change in colour shows the transition between indoor and outdoor.

*Source: Mi Casa







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