Maremma Farmhouse

Located among olive trees, this farmhouse in Maremma is a shining example of how mixing different materials can result in a space that is brimming with charm and personality.

residence9 Relax between the olives

In the living room, a marriage of stone tiles, exposed brick and wood beams creates a stunning yet cosy feel. The wall is painted a rich dark grey for contrast.

residence12 Relax between the olives

Vintage pieces are placed alongside Mid-century ones for a eclectic vibe. Pops of colour inject the space with vibrancy.

residence8 Relax between the olives

In the dining room, a Pantone chair contrasts with more rustic looking furniture pieces providing visual relief but at the same time maintaining interest within the space.

residence7 Relax between the olives

Jewel toned tableware in amethyst, fuschia and teal lend warmth to the scheme.

residence4 Relax between the olives

In the kitchen, pared down cabinets in a contemporary style allows the materials to take center stage within the space. Glass, ceramic and natural finish kitchen accessories enhance the rustic feel.

residence3 Relax between the olives

In the master bedroom, a soft lilac feature wall lends a soothing touch. The scheme is kept simple lending a sense of restrained contemporary elegance.

residence Relax between the olives

In the bathroom, travertine tiles and wood soften the stark white walls. Bursts of pink and orange energise the space while rustic elements add further visual and textural interest.

*Image Source: Indecora






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