Land Of Contrasts

Set is Vesterbro, Sweden the home of Gitte and Torben Hjorth is a place where opposites coincide. Throughout the home, you’ll find a range of furniture from various eras set next to each other to create unique spaces. These arrangements are further played up by a palette of black, brown, grey and white with hints of red and pink shades. Gitte believes in not going for safe choices and this can be seen it the delicate way in which she has woven different styles together. The result is a home that is delightfully interesting.


Artwork is peppered throughout the home adding a dash of personality and colour to the space.


In the living room, an Ikea sofa sits next to a Rococo chair and a vintage teak table. A graphic rug adds contrast while black accents like the cabinet and chalkboard ground the scheme.


In the dining room, black and white dominates the space with a photograph further enhancing the scheme. Hints of wood add warmth and interest to the space.


In the kitchen, metal adds an industrial touch while pops of chartreuse enliven the palette.



Gitte loves to upcyle/recyle furniture. Here, she has created her own bureau with an old table, cabinet and a stack of bricks.


In the bedroom, a wall of mirrors creates a stunning focal point and brings more light into the space. A set of 3 dressers creates a large sideboard which provides adequate storage while on the bed handmade pillows add a lovely casual yet personal touch.

Images: Bolig Magasinet


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