Mexican Villa

This villa in Mexico combines traditional design with a variety of materials and textures for a look that is charming and packed with character.

In the patio, rattan seating gives a relaxed vibe that echoes the nearby beach. Shutters are painted in marigold lending warmth to the space.

In the al fresco dining area, a contemporary dining set in clean lines lends contrast to the worn pillars while lending the space an intimate feel.

The bathroom mimics the colours of the beach with watery blue tiles and shell inspired mirrors. A wooden vanity anchors the scheme.

In the bedroom, a four poster bed creates a focal point within the space and neatly enframes an antique door which acts as a headboard. The vertical lines also draw your eye upwards taking in the architectural elements of the space. At the foot of the bed a vintage blanket chest infuses the space with personality.

In this nook, a vintage table and chair overlook the garden. By keeping the scheme neutral, the outdoors take centerstage yet design aesthetics are not compromised.

*Images: Golden White Decor


One thought on “Mexican Villa

  1. I love this house! I’m no authority on interior design, but I have always had a great deal of appreciation for it, this house (I know it’s in mexico) looks as if it could be in Tuscany…the italian influence is clear, its so beautiful!

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