Inspiration: Living Walls

Living walls or vertical gardens (whichever you prefer to call them) is one of the biggest trends to hit interior landscaping. Besides, lending freshness and vitality to a space, they are very sustainable as they use an automatic irrigation system where the water is stored in a trough or tank below and is re-circulated enabling it not be wasted. Plus they are highly functional especially when placed in kitchens and provide a great space saving solution for those who love gardening but do not have access to a personal patch of grass such as apartment dwellers and so on. Below, are some of my favourite spaces featuring them.

Asian Indoor Vertical Garden

In this dining area, a living wall not only adds warmth to the scheme but an ethnic inspired wall sculpture gives it an added wow factor.

Restaurant Garden

A living wall creates a cocoon like feel to this dining area.

awesome shower

In this contemporary style bathroom, indoor plants combined with a rain shower lends a soothing and energising feel perfect for winding down at the end of a hectic day.

Staircase and a vertical Garden.

Placed against a staircase, this living wall adds contrast and a nice touch of colour. It also adds great textural interest when combined with the tiled wall and wire banister.


A vertical garden infuses this living room with warmth and colour resulting in space that is cosy and inviting.

vertical garden in the living room

A vertical garden turns this nook into reading heaven!!

Vertical garden

If you are strapped for space in your terrace or balcony and still wish to add some greenery, a vertical garden would be the ideal solution for you. Check out this patio where a small vertical garden installation instantly lends interest to the design scheme.

(kitchen inside window well above lemon tree)herb wall inspo

A herb vertical garden is a convenient and clever way of getting fresh produce into your meals.

Kitchen herbs. MO-material-innovation.

If you are a little apprehensive of having an indoor wall garden as a feature, check out this smaller installation which would be perfect for a kitchen or even displayed as wall art.

So what are your thoughts on living walls? Are you inspired to create one of your own? Share your thoughts below.

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For Your Home: The Tory Burch Look

I’ve always been fascinated with the decor and design of Tory Burch’s boutiques. From bold colours, to fearless patterns, high gloss surfaces and glamorous furnishings, the design concepts reflect a homey residential feel that is both unique and visually stunning. Today, we will check out some key elements in these spaces which can be easily incorporated within your home as well.

1. Mixing Bold Patterns

Tory Burch store design with orange high-gloss millwork, ikat upholstery, and leopard carpet

Tory Burch’s stores combine a variety of bold patterns to create a look that gives maximum visual interest. To make this work, ensure you choose prints with a unifying colour scheme to prevent a visual disaster.

2. Unique Upholstery

Tory Burch boutique design

When choosing furniture opt for pieces with one-of-a-kind shapes, intricate details, carved legs or unique upholstery. Varying sizes of furniture in different prints also helps create an elegant space.

3. Diverse Accessories

Tory Burch store design with console and seating area

When it comes to accessories, pair vintage pieces with glamorous finishes to create a striking contrast. Display a variety of signature accents for a personal touch. Thus, making the design even more compelling.

4. Reflective Surfaces

Tory Burch boutique design

From high gloss walls, mirrored surfaces and polished brass Tory Burch’s boutiques use a wide array of reflective surfaces to create a dynamic space filled with light and a glamorous feel. You can achieve a similar effect with your home by opting for mirrored accents or high gloss finishes on furniture and accessories.

5. Statement Lighting

Tory Burch boutique design with wallpaper and brass staircase

For lighting, opt for large scale tiered chandeliers with sleek modern lines that make create a striking focal point within the space yet lend a timeless traditional feel. In addition, go for over-sized lamps and elegant wall sconces to create a warm ambiance.

6. Mixed Influences

Tory Burch store design with lucite and brass coffee table and wallpapered seating area

To achieve the glamorous aesthetic that is seen throughout the boutiques, be inspired by travel and don’t be afraid to mix different styles and influences together. For example, in the space above, a Middle Eastern inspired mirror creates a dramatic focal point and hangs above a luxurious teal sofa with a modern feel. While traditional chairs are paired with Moroccan bone in-laid side tables and a Lucite coffee table adds a contemporary feel.

7. Bold Jewel Tones

Tory Burch store design with X-base stools and ikat accents

Vivid jewel tones play a huge role in the Tory Burch boutiques from throw pillows to wall paint and carpets. Be colour confident and bring these rich tones into your home to create a luxurious vibe. If you are a little apprehensive about these rich hues inject a small dose into your space through accents like a teal ottoman or amethyst vase.

Image source: Domaine

Photography: Emma Thomas

Today I’ve decided to share some of interior stylist Emma Thomas’ inspiring work. Her clients include Elle Decoration, Homes and Gardens, Fired Earth and French Connection to name a few. What I really admire about her photographs is how she captures the simplicity of every day life with all of its details. It’s truly mesmerizing. Below are some of my favourites.

interior stylist emma thomas4 Beautiful in its simplicity

interior stylist emma thomas7 Beautiful in its simplicity



interior stylist emma thomas5 Beautiful in its simplicity

interior stylist emma thomas9 Beautiful in its simplicity



If you wish to see more of her portfolio visit it here.



Inspiration: Roll Top Baths

There’s something about a free standing bath tub that just conjures up a relaxing image of shutting out the world, soaking up the suds and even reading a magazine or two. Adding to this, they now come in a variety of colours from dreamy pastels to bold hues, allowing them to be used in any design scheme that you are planning for your space. So without further adieu, here are some bath tubs that will make you wish for some truly “me – time”.

Red roll top bath in a grey room

A stunning red bath tub contrasts with a traditional style wallpaper in a sensual grey for a look that is passionately luxurious.

Grey roll top bath with red accessories

In this country contemporary style bathroom, pops of red add warmth to a calming scheme of greys. The stool is covered in a fabric similar to the blind for a balanced look.

Pink roll top bath in a neutral coloured room

In this predominately white bathroom, a pink bath tub adds a soft feminine touch.

Black roll top bath with black tiles

In this monochromatic bathroom, wood accents and flooring ground the scheme by lending warmth and textural interest.

Stone coloured roll top bath in a matching coloured bathroom

Here, the walls are painted in the same hue as the bath tub for a soothing feel. Hints of white further enhances the look.

Green roll top bath with bold floral wallpaper

A tropical inspired feature wall sets the theme for this bathroom. Paired with a green bath tub, the scheme has a fresh and clean feel.

Blue roll top bath in an all white bathroom

In this bathroom, a teal claw-foot tub makes a striking focal point as it contrasts with the neutral palette of the space.

Here, zones have been differentiated using different colours – yellow tiles for the shower and lavender for the tub. The resulting design scheme is one that is refreshing and is sure to make one perk up in the mornings.

A copper roll top bath is paired with sultry pink walls for a modern luxe feel. White floor tiles and bleached wood cabinets add contrast and give an intimate feel.

A pastel yellow tub is married with bubblegum pink walls in this bathroom for a girlie but sophisticated look. Retro wall art adds a playful twist.

So what are you thoughts on roll-top baths? Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

*Image Source: Red Online (1-7), Pinterest (8-10)



Inspiration : Blue and White

From bold to timelessly elegant, blue and white has always been one of my favourite colour combinations. So, today I’ve decided to share some truly stunning spaces to inspire you all and as you will see, this colour combination can be used anywhere from dining rooms to bedrooms and even patios for an instant dose of chic.

On this mantlepiece, classic delftware are teamed with an ornate antique mirror for a luxurious feel. The mantle is painted the same colour as the wall allowing them to take center-stage. (designed by Carolyne Roehm)

In this patio, an ikat tablecloth in a blue and white colourway is draped casually over the patio table lending an effortless feel. (designed by Danielle Rollins)

High gloss cobalt blue walls and ceiling give this dining room a bold yet intimate feel. Blue and white accents lend visual interest while a bleached wood floor adds contrast and grounds the scheme. (designed by Kristen Kelli LLC)

Chalky pastels lend a calming note to this space. A silver painted ceiling creates a stunning focal point and adds a touch of restrained glamour. (designed by David Kleinberg and Peter Pennoyer)

In this living room, a mix of patterns in a blue and white colourway lends visual interest and boldness. By varying the scales and dimensions of the patterns, overall balance is maintained. (designed by Kristen Fitzgibbons and Kelli Ford)

In this space, a purple feature wall lends an energetic contrast. Wood accents ground the scheme and lend warmth to the space. (Kristen Fitzgibbons and Kelli Ford)

In this bright and airy kitchen, bamboo bar stools upholstered in a coarse chevron fabric adds a touch of textural and visual interest to the space. (designed by Rod Winterrowd)

In this predominately white entryway, a splash of blue and white creates visual impact and infuses the space with colour. Large scale cherry blossom branches further enhances the dramatic look. (designed by Carolyne Roehm)

In this neutral scheme hallway, porcelain accents in blue and white lend contrast as well as adds a touch of colour to the space. The placement of items creates visual harmony and balance. (designed by John Nicholas Morrison)

In this dining room, blue and white accents are paired with silver grey and British Colonial furniture for a elegant yet exotic feel. (designed by Mary McDonald)

So what you do you think of this colour combination? Are you partial to delftware? Please share your comments with me below. I look forward to seeing them.

*Image Source: Veranda

8 Inspirational Breakfast Nooks

There’s something to be said about waking up every morning and having breakfast in a cosy nook that overlooks a scenic or garden view. I think one’s day starts infinitely better when taking in the early hours in a relaxing space. So without further adieu, today I’m sharing some insanely adorable nooks that will make you want to breeze through the day to when you can have a hearty meal with family and friends or a cup of coffee with a bit of daydreaming by yourself.

This breakfast nook is sure to perk you up in the morning with it’s sunny hue. Hints of green and orange add a further dash of freshness and energy.

A distressed table and simple upholstery in white-and-blue stripes lend a relaxed country feel to this space.

This farmhouse style nook uses white for a crisp clean feel while hints of burlap softens the look.

In this space a settee simulates a built-in for the nook. Brightly patterned throw pillows enliven the piece while a round Saarinen table softens the scheme.

A wall mural lends an artsy look. Neutral coloured textiles in varying textures add a touch elegance and interest to the banquette.

Mix It Up

In this breakfast nook, a traditional table is paired with contemporary style dining chairs for an updated and unique look.

Blended Beauty

This breakfast nook mixes a variety of materials from the slate flooring, wood paneling and chairs to a glass dining table for a look that is visually stimulating and elegant yet simple.

Banquette with Open Shelving

This nook not only provides adequate seating but built in shelves also allow storing of recipe books, dishes and the like.

So what are your thoughts on breakfast nooks? And would you have one if you had the space? I look forward to hearing your thoughts below.

*Image Source: (1-5: Country Living), (6-8: Better Homes & Gardens)







Inspiration: Pink Interiors

Incorporating the colour pink into your design scheme can be quite tricky. Choosing the right shade and accessories can transform the space giving it a sophisticated, chic or romantic feel instead of making it look pre-teen.  So, today I’ve decided to round up some of my favourite inspirational spaces from House Beautiful which take this colour to a whole new level.

girls bedroom with flower wallpaper and pink scribble painting

Designer Melissa Ruffy uses a squiggly modern art piece to inject a fun element into this girly bedroom.

Hints of blush pink paired with white give a romantic feel to this bedroom designed by Gary McBournie.

outdoor patio with pink and white decorating

Bold prints keep this patio looking playful all year around (designed by Krista Ewart).

In this bedroom designed by Smith Hanes pale pink is teamed with a creamy taupe bedding set for a rustic yet elegant look.

A faded pink and white toile fabric lends this bedroom with a touch of French country elegance.

Interior designers Maxwell Macdonald and Andrew Corrie paired muted tones with blues and pinks for a relaxed vibe in this beach home in New York.

Benjamin Moore’s Razzle Dazzle makes a bold statement in the foyer of a late 19th century Brooklyn house. Vintage elements lend a glamorous feel. Designed by Jonathan Berger.

In this living room designer Jamie Drake uses salmon pink with black furniture and accents for a sophisticated contemporary look.

Hints of acid green lend a touch of drama to this pastel pink bedroom designed by Mary McDonald.

So what are your thoughts on using pink in interiors? What would you pair it with for an exceptional looking space? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.