Art Filled Apartment

Art takes centerstage in Jenna Snyder-Phillips’ little Italy New York apartment. Made from charcoal  ink and oil, all her of  paintings combine strong lines with fluidity in neutral tones. Using this as a base for her design scheme, she has paired high end pieces with thrift store finds to create a space that is both characterful yet homely.

Layering neutrals lends depth to the living room. The graphic quality of the wall art adds dimension to the space giving an overall grand feel.

“The art and accents are constantly rotating in my home,” Snyder-Phillips explains. “It keeps things fresh and new in a small space.”

In the bedroom, a mirror gives the illusion of a larger space while carefully curated accents lend a personal touch.

A painted brick wall lends subtle contrast to the artwork while fur accents lend an elegant feel. Here, a dresser doubles up as storage as well as a nightstand.

The artwork lends personality to the space through vivid colours and texture.

*Source: Photography by Brittany Ambridge for Domaine




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