Inspiration: Living Walls

Living walls or vertical gardens (whichever you prefer to call them) is one of the biggest trends to hit interior landscaping. Besides, lending freshness and vitality to a space, they are very sustainable as they use an automatic irrigation system where the water is stored in a trough or tank below and is re-circulated enabling it not be wasted. Plus they are highly functional especially when placed in kitchens and provide a great space saving solution for those who love gardening but do not have access to a personal patch of grass such as apartment dwellers and so on. Below, are some of my favourite spaces featuring them.

Asian Indoor Vertical Garden

In this dining area, a living wall not only adds warmth to the scheme but an ethnic inspired wall sculpture gives it an added wow factor.

Restaurant Garden

A living wall creates a cocoon like feel to this dining area.

awesome shower

In this contemporary style bathroom, indoor plants combined with a rain shower lends a soothing and energising feel perfect for winding down at the end of a hectic day.

Staircase and a vertical Garden.

Placed against a staircase, this living wall adds contrast and a nice touch of colour. It also adds great textural interest when combined with the tiled wall and wire banister.


A vertical garden infuses this living room with warmth and colour resulting in space that is cosy and inviting.

vertical garden in the living room

A vertical garden turns this nook into reading heaven!!

Vertical garden

If you are strapped for space in your terrace or balcony and still wish to add some greenery, a vertical garden would be the ideal solution for you. Check out this patio where a small vertical garden installation instantly lends interest to the design scheme.

(kitchen inside window well above lemon tree)herb wall inspo

A herb vertical garden is a convenient and clever way of getting fresh produce into your meals.

Kitchen herbs. MO-material-innovation.

If you are a little apprehensive of having an indoor wall garden as a feature, check out this smaller installation which would be perfect for a kitchen or even displayed as wall art.

So what are your thoughts on living walls? Are you inspired to create one of your own? Share your thoughts below.

Image sources: 1 & 2, Pinterest (3-5), 6 & 7, 8, Pinterest (9 & 10)



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