For Your Home: The Tory Burch Look

I’ve always been fascinated with the decor and design of Tory Burch’s boutiques. From bold colours, to fearless patterns, high gloss surfaces and glamorous furnishings, the design concepts reflect a homey residential feel that is both unique and visually stunning. Today, we will check out some key elements in these spaces which can be easily incorporated within your home as well.

1. Mixing Bold Patterns

Tory Burch store design with orange high-gloss millwork, ikat upholstery, and leopard carpet

Tory Burch’s stores combine a variety of bold patterns to create a look that gives maximum visual interest. To make this work, ensure you choose prints with a unifying colour scheme to prevent a visual disaster.

2. Unique Upholstery

Tory Burch boutique design

When choosing furniture opt for pieces with one-of-a-kind shapes, intricate details, carved legs or unique upholstery. Varying sizes of furniture in different prints also helps create an elegant space.

3. Diverse Accessories

Tory Burch store design with console and seating area

When it comes to accessories, pair vintage pieces with glamorous finishes to create a striking contrast. Display a variety of signature accents for a personal touch. Thus, making the design even more compelling.

4. Reflective Surfaces

Tory Burch boutique design

From high gloss walls, mirrored surfaces and polished brass Tory Burch’s boutiques use a wide array of reflective surfaces to create a dynamic space filled with light and a glamorous feel. You can achieve a similar effect with your home by opting for mirrored accents or high gloss finishes on furniture and accessories.

5. Statement Lighting

Tory Burch boutique design with wallpaper and brass staircase

For lighting, opt for large scale tiered chandeliers with sleek modern lines that make create a striking focal point within the space yet lend a timeless traditional feel. In addition, go for over-sized lamps and elegant wall sconces to create a warm ambiance.

6. Mixed Influences

Tory Burch store design with lucite and brass coffee table and wallpapered seating area

To achieve the glamorous aesthetic that is seen throughout the boutiques, be inspired by travel and don’t be afraid to mix different styles and influences together. For example, in the space above, a Middle Eastern inspired mirror creates a dramatic focal point and hangs above a luxurious teal sofa with a modern feel. While traditional chairs are paired with Moroccan bone in-laid side tables and a Lucite coffee table adds a contemporary feel.

7. Bold Jewel Tones

Tory Burch store design with X-base stools and ikat accents

Vivid jewel tones play a huge role in the Tory Burch boutiques from throw pillows to wall paint and carpets. Be colour confident and bring these rich tones into your home to create a luxurious vibe. If you are a little apprehensive about these rich hues inject a small dose into your space through accents like a teal ottoman or amethyst vase.

Image source: Domaine


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