Zen Bath

Zen Bath
In this bathroom, grey slate tiles add textural interest and is the perfect foil for the free standing tub which becomes a focal point in the space. To prevent the scheme from becoming claustrophobic, a glass enclosure allows light to flood the space while highlighting greenery for a fresh feel. Recessed wood shelves provide adequate storage space and contrasts with the slate adding warmth to the scheme. The whole design depicts cleanliness in sleek lines with only the tub giving visual relief with its fluid form. The pendant light mimics this thus tying the scheme together.

Handmade lamp
$660 – conranshop.co.uk

VIPP bath towel
$51 – madeindesign.co.uk

Home fragrance

Elemis body cleanser
$34 – feelunique.com

Lacoste body cleanser

Home decor


2 thoughts on “Zen Bath

  1. This is a great article! So much insight on how to create the perfect serene bathroom. We also wrote a blog on the importance of having a zen bathroom, and also how important Feng Shui can be in a room.

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