Inspiration: Roll Top Baths

There’s something about a free standing bath tub that just conjures up a relaxing image of shutting out the world, soaking up the suds and even reading a magazine or two. Adding to this, they now come in a variety of colours from dreamy pastels to bold hues, allowing them to be used in any design scheme that you are planning for your space. So without further adieu, here are some bath tubs that will make you wish for some truly “me – time”.

Red roll top bath in a grey room

A stunning red bath tub contrasts with a traditional style wallpaper in a sensual grey for a look that is passionately luxurious.

Grey roll top bath with red accessories

In this country contemporary style bathroom, pops of red add warmth to a calming scheme of greys. The stool is covered in a fabric similar to the blind for a balanced look.

Pink roll top bath in a neutral coloured room

In this predominately white bathroom, a pink bath tub adds a soft feminine touch.

Black roll top bath with black tiles

In this monochromatic bathroom, wood accents and flooring ground the scheme by lending warmth and textural interest.

Stone coloured roll top bath in a matching coloured bathroom

Here, the walls are painted in the same hue as the bath tub for a soothing feel. Hints of white further enhances the look.

Green roll top bath with bold floral wallpaper

A tropical inspired feature wall sets the theme for this bathroom. Paired with a green bath tub, the scheme has a fresh and clean feel.

Blue roll top bath in an all white bathroom

In this bathroom, a teal claw-foot tub makes a striking focal point as it contrasts with the neutral palette of the space.

Here, zones have been differentiated using different colours – yellow tiles for the shower and lavender for the tub. The resulting design scheme is one that is refreshing and is sure to make one perk up in the mornings.

A copper roll top bath is paired with sultry pink walls for a modern luxe feel. White floor tiles and bleached wood cabinets add contrast and give an intimate feel.

A pastel yellow tub is married with bubblegum pink walls in this bathroom for a girlie but sophisticated look. Retro wall art adds a playful twist.

So what are you thoughts on roll-top baths? Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

*Image Source: Red Online (1-7), Pinterest (8-10)




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