Inspiration : Blue and White

From bold to timelessly elegant, blue and white has always been one of my favourite colour combinations. So, today I’ve decided to share some truly stunning spaces to inspire you all and as you will see, this colour combination can be used anywhere from dining rooms to bedrooms and even patios for an instant dose of chic.

On this mantlepiece, classic delftware are teamed with an ornate antique mirror for a luxurious feel. The mantle is painted the same colour as the wall allowing them to take center-stage. (designed by Carolyne Roehm)

In this patio, an ikat tablecloth in a blue and white colourway is draped casually over the patio table lending an effortless feel. (designed by Danielle Rollins)

High gloss cobalt blue walls and ceiling give this dining room a bold yet intimate feel. Blue and white accents lend visual interest while a bleached wood floor adds contrast and grounds the scheme. (designed by Kristen Kelli LLC)

Chalky pastels lend a calming note to this space. A silver painted ceiling creates a stunning focal point and adds a touch of restrained glamour. (designed by David Kleinberg and Peter Pennoyer)

In this living room, a mix of patterns in a blue and white colourway lends visual interest and boldness. By varying the scales and dimensions of the patterns, overall balance is maintained. (designed by Kristen Fitzgibbons and Kelli Ford)

In this space, a purple feature wall lends an energetic contrast. Wood accents ground the scheme and lend warmth to the space. (Kristen Fitzgibbons and Kelli Ford)

In this bright and airy kitchen, bamboo bar stools upholstered in a coarse chevron fabric adds a touch of textural and visual interest to the space. (designed by Rod Winterrowd)

In this predominately white entryway, a splash of blue and white creates visual impact and infuses the space with colour. Large scale cherry blossom branches further enhances the dramatic look. (designed by Carolyne Roehm)

In this neutral scheme hallway, porcelain accents in blue and white lend contrast as well as adds a touch of colour to the space. The placement of items creates visual harmony and balance. (designed by John Nicholas Morrison)

In this dining room, blue and white accents are paired with silver grey and British Colonial furniture for a elegant yet exotic feel. (designed by Mary McDonald)

So what you do you think of this colour combination? Are you partial to delftware? Please share your comments with me below. I look forward to seeing them.

*Image Source: Veranda


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