Interiors With Dogs

Today I happened to stumble across some wonderful interiors on Country Living that featured adorable pooches. So I figured why not share some of them with you all. Not only are the spaces truly inspiring but they are sure to make your day that much brighter as they have done for me.

In this space, a recessed bookcase matches the wall paneling for a simplified and pared down look. Vintage and textured elements add interest to the space.

I just love the orange wall in this space. It adds a vibrant splash and complements the red. The flooring adds a lovely retro feel.

Soft furnishings in blue and pops of lavender give this porch a serene feel.

A pop of yellow lends a cheery feel to this home’s entrance. While grey stone tiles give a rustic country look.

The zebra ottoman gives a nice bold touch to this nautical inspired living room.

This bedroom is painted in a dark grey tone for a sophisticated look. Simple bedding gives a relaxed feel.

Opt for a monochromatic look with striped wallpaper in black and white. Coordinate the scheme with stripes in different scales for an overall balanced and tailored feel. Hints of red add warmth and interest.

*Image source: Country Living


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