Pretty Pastels

Spring is here and pastels are back. There’s something about these delicious candy colours that always make a space feel so calming and I can never tire of them. You can either be daring and pair two or three colours together or use it with neutrals like white for a subtle crisp feel. Whichever direction you wish to take with this rend, you can’t really go wrong.

A calming reading nook in different shades of pastel pink and blue give a restful feminine feel.

These lovely Alice ceramic tableware from Feinedinge would make an excellent addition to a Spring tablescape.

<p> The iconic floor lamp "Grasshopper" in vintage red from Gubi, was first produced in 1947 and is just as relevant today Paustian.  Chair news "ASAP" from Paustian is both delicious and good ride comfort.  </ P> <p> Box from Paper Gallery, Norway Designs and paper folders from Hay.  Patent leather shoes from Zara.  </ P> <p> Wall color is dusty peach: S1015-Y70R </ p>

Pair pops of sunshine yellow with other pastels for a nice cheerful vibe.

<p> Mini table "Tod" from Montis with its convenient shopping, Tannum Furniture.  Pottery jars designed by Margit Seland, Norway Designs.  Luktelys from H & M Home.  </ P>

Go tone on tone for a truly serene look. This would be perfect for a bedroom or even a bathroom and would definitely help you  unwind.

<p> Plastic Chair "Tom Vac" from Vitra with striped knit pillow from the box.  Blankets / scarf from H & M. Wall Color S1015-Y70R with different tape strips from Norway Designs.  </ P>

To add a touch of warmth , opt for a shade darker than one of the pastels you have chosen as an accent. For example, in this space a throw in an orange and grey colourway lends a cosy feel but at the same time doesn’t throw off the design scheme.

<p> Ceramics from "Feinedinge" Glass Box from Illums homes.  </ P>

Bring back hints of beige and taupe into your scheme this season. Team it with dusky pinks or greys for a truly sophisticated look.

So what do you think of this trend? Is it a nay or aye? I look forward to seeing your comments.

*Images:gro sævik for interior magasinet








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