A Modern Paris Apartment

Danish interior design  Klavs Rosenfalck revives and restores a 19th Century forgotten apartment in Paris. By mixing history with contemporary design, the overall effect is stunning and a true reflection of urban glamour.

The curved Vladimir Kagan sofa is in a same tone as the wall paint which although anchors the scheme doesn’t overpower the historical elements of space. Thus letting them shine through. By choosing furniture with a fluid design, it also helps to soften the angular lines seen throughout the space from the paneling to the parquet flooring and so on.

In the home office, varnished matte aluminum leaves cover the walls for textural interest and a modern twist.

In the dining room, the Ozone light  with it’s circular form draws your eyes up thus allowing the historical features to be taken it. The contemporary style sofa adds contrast.

In the kitchen, steel linear cabinetry lends a contemporary and open feel.

Colourful contemporary dining furniture makes a bold statement in the dining room. Paired with the grandeur of the apartment, the concept is eye-catching but at the same time relatable.

In the master bedroom, the banister is made from yacht cables wrapped in leather creating a distinct and unique feature. Wood floor and sculptures add warmth and interest to the design.

*Source: Photography: Nicolas Mathéus, Elle decor


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