Quaint Coach House Cafe

Cheryl Krecsy ,owner of Little White House & Co. lifestyle boutiques and cafés, transforms her Fort Langley café in British Colombia into a delicate airy space filled with delightful accents from her shop and homemade decor. The delicate scheme in a taupe and white palette sets the stage for an intimate afternoon tea for guests.


The coach house café  is transformed into a sitting room. White slipcovered furniture stand out against a rustic backdrop for a relaxed feel. A upholstered ottoman in burlap with a pinstriped border adds a sense of tailored refinement.


A jute garland and white glass baubles carries forward the natural element of the design scheme.


Burlap favor bags which look like Santa’s gift sack hang on doorknobs to greet guests. Filled with treats or trinkets, they make a perfect parting gift.


Christmas gifts wrapped in craft paper and tied with a lace ribbon give an old world charm. As a finishing touch, rosettes made from remnants of toile paper are added to the gifts.


An antique farmhouse style dining set lends charm to the space. Unpolished silverware, frayed napkins and a burlap table runner complements the soft casual feel.


A window garland in delicate lace adds an elegant and feminine touch to the space and contrasts with the rustic wood.


This Christmas card made by Cheryl are in keeping with the simple theme of the holiday party.


For the tea, delectable desserts and savory treats are served on porcelain and metal trays.

*Source: Photography by  Janis Nicolay : Style At Home


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