Inspiration: Chalkboard Wall Kitchens

I absolutely love chalkboard walls and how they add character to any space. They can be easily altered or adjusted if you wish to shake things up a bit instead of constantly repainting or re-wallpapering. So, you can probably guess how delighted I was when I came across these eye-catching kitchens as I was browsing through California Home today.

In this kitchen from House to Home, the wall has been painted in black chalkboard to add contrast to the pops of red and provides visual relief.

The graffiti on the chalkboard gives an edgy vibe to this kitchen found on Kitchen Building. While bright colours and dark wood cabinets lend warmth to the space.

This vintage British inspired kitchen on Interior Design Sense by the Marchi Group uses chalkboard as a backsplash. Paired with the industrial style furniture and fittings, the overall effect is stunning and unique.

In this rustic kitchen from Decor Pad, an old school chalkboard is used to post reminders and gives added charm to the space.

The chalkboard in this kitchen from Image Spark adds a quirky and playful touch. This contrasts with the otherwise clean tidy feel to the space.

Quirky artwork and phrases left by guests lend a personal touch to interior designer Wendy Hayworth’s kitchen. (Image : One Kings Lane)

What are your thoughts on chalkboard walls? Would you consider having one in your home? Please share your comments below.


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