Lauren Conrad’s Office Makeover


Domaine teams up with Paper Crown‘s fashion designer Lauren Conrad to create a space that is whimsical, sophisticated and vintage inspired.


White walls allow the brickwork to shine through lending character and charm to the space. The animal print chair complements the red office chair and together they create visual impact. Lauren’s old office table which was a farmhouse kitchen table and a thrift store find was given a makeover by giving it a higher set of legs, turning it into a drafting table.

4 The office was made even more functional by bringing the whole team into one space as opposed to them sitting in separate rooms.


Ikea’s Hektor pendant lamp looks right at home above the meeting area. Paired with fashion prints in classic white frames give an effortless and streamlined look.


An inexpensive inspiration board helps to keep the space free from clutter. It also enhances creativity and productivity within the space.


Rolling racks, a Louis XIV settee and layering of rugs give a feminine yet welcoming feel to the space.


Even though the office has received a drastic makeover,  hints of the old office space can still be seen such as the Chanel bottles on the desk and gold paper crown, which give a nostalgic feel.

To tour Lauren’s old office space, head over to PopSugar.

Source: Justin Coit for Domaine Home


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