Bathroom Wallpaper Tips

As wallpaper makes a huge comeback, it’s the perfect time to revamp that old bathroom and create a space that is relaxing yet stylish. Here are some tips on how to do so.

summer thornton design eclectic-bathroom

Summer Thornton

1. Make your bathroom look bigger by opting for a wallpaper that has a smaller pattern and lighter colours.

osborne and little wallpaper bathroom. look at that mirror!


2. If you wish not to wallpaper the whole bathroom, create a feature wall using a few metres of wallpaper and paint the remaining walls a solid colour.

david phillips traditional-powder-room

David Phillips

3. If your bathroom lacks windows, go for wallpaper with a lustrous finish so that light is reflected through mirrors, ceiling, walls and hardware.

cosmetics executive Jeanine Lobell and actor Anthony Edwards' NY apartment, decorated by Rafael de Cárdenas

Rafael de Cárdenas

4. Bathrooms are the perfect space for showing off bold and daring patterns. This will contrast with your tub, shower or vanity area.


6. For a simple clean look avoid patterns that are busy or have high contrast.

elizabeth gordon eclectic-bathroom

Elizabeth Gordon

7. Be creative and wallpaper a place you would least expect (like the ceiling) for a dramatic touch.

Dramatic Wallpapered Bathroom | photo Monic Richard | design Scott Yetman | House & Home

Scott Yetman

8. In a small space like the bathroom go for a pattern with a repeat of 12 inches or less. This will ensure that you see the wallpaper repeat 3 to 4 times and appreciate it more.

Melissa Miles Rufty

9. When choosing a wallpaper for your bathroom water-resistant or washable options are now available. To preserve them from moisture , add one or two layers of clear acrylic varnish over them.

*Source:  Better Decorating Bible


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