Inspiring Bookshelves

Besides providing storage, bookcases can bring interest and functionality to a space. They help to create different zones giving each space a distinct purpose. They are used to display personal treasures and books and can enhance the quality and feel of a space giving a streamlined effect as well as a lived in feel. Below are some innovative and inspiring bookshelves that will lend character and charm to your space.

This bookcase provides open shelving to display works of art and books as well as closed storage for other personal items. Placed behind the office table, it draws attention to a separate space from that of the living area.

The bookshelves here are painted the same colour as the wall to give a recessed feel and draw attention to art and the mid-century style furniture pieces. It also provides visual contrast to the curved architectural element that separates it from the artwork.

Staggered shelves of varying lengths add interest to this space while shadow boxes placed strategically add a pop of colour. By using the same tone of wood for the shelves and floor, there is a consistent feel.

In this interior, a bespoke bookcase is built between the stairwell and wall gap to create visual impact as well as provide much needed storage space.

Bespoke bookshelves surround the window in this apartment creating visual definition. The floor to ceiling installation in wood creates a cocoon like feel to this space.

A step ladder is converted into shelving in this space to hold potted plants. Perfect for an outdoor space or indoor garden.

In this space, a bench plays the role of a bookshelf to hold valuable collectibles and books. This would be a perfect solution if you wish to go for an eclectic vibe or not invest in a bigger bookcase.

In this seating area, a bespoke wall-mounted bookcase provides storage for books and a display ledge for accessories. The top ledge then tapers off and wraps around the sectional (far left). This give a unified feel throughout the space but creates two distinct seating areas.

Source: Referans Design Blog


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