Contemporary Eco Bath

Contemporary Eco Bath
Spa bathrooms are really trending this season and here are some ways to create a little piece of heaven for yourself.  For a contemporary style eco bath, go for muted grays  to create a calm space. A fireplace on one end of the bathroom will not only create a focal point but add warmth to the space. Place a lounge chair opposite the fireplace for relaxation. A white ergonomic bathtub in resin adds contrast while the sculptural shape gives an organic feel perfect for a spa like ambiance.  Indoor plants and a pebbled border create visual and textural interest and complements the fireplace creating balance. For lighting, directional spotlights highlight key features in the space but the piece de resistance is the spiral pendant light which not only brings presence to the space but adds a touch of sparkle. As a finishing touch, place towels and a throw cushion in a similar tone to create a unified feel. While for bathroom accessories go for wood and natural fibers that are eco-friendly and underpin the design scheme.

Hotel Collection cotton bath towel
$9.63 –

Bath accessory

Vipp 906 – Bathroom tap
$725 –

Wool Sponge


ClassiCon steel table
$530 –

$840 –

Iris Hantverk Bath Brush
$30 –


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