Circus Inspired Nursery


A few days back, I had a burning desire to create a moodboard for a nursery. And while browsing through various colour schemes, I came across a circus inspired one which got me thinking of creating the following design. The neat thing about novelty nurseries is the element of fun behind them. And what could be more fun than a circus? Besides, the nursery is a great place for building up creativity in a child.

For this design, I used a striped wallpaper in baby blue for the feature wall. You could go for  red stripes which is more traditional. I then chose a red changing table and crib which adds great contrast to the blue as well as being a warm colour  makes the room very inviting. For the crib, as you might have noticed I went for a more traditional feel with the four poster while keeping the changing table in a more modern style. This helps to keep the room more informal yet elegant.

For the gilder, I decided on a darker blue fabric which makes a bold statement against the red while the white piping used as trim ties in with the white stripes on the wallpaper. For additional storage, I opted for a white lacquer bookcase which offers ample space to store story books and toys. Always remember to have adequate storage in your nursery, as you don’t want you or your child to be stumbling over toys. I also placed a white nightstand next to the glider which would be great for placing a feeding bottle or book.

To get the circus theme going, I chose circus inspired wall art featuring animals doing various tricks. This brings a wonderful element to design. The star coat peg, is not only functional but serves as visual interest.

For accessories, I decided on circus themed toys, toy chest, baby mobile and cushions  to bring the whole theme together. You can find some really cute toys at Ikea which  are really reasonably priced. For further enhancing this theme, I also chose a circus themed ottoman for additional seating.


For the lighting, I decided to go for a traditional blue chandelier in baby blue (from LampsPlus – as seen below) to match the stripes on the wallpaper. While the table lamp is in a more contemporary style with a red base. This adds balance to the design.


To add some element of fun and whimsy, I decided to add a use a polka dot rug to go underfoot. This non-fussy pattern I feel works well with the stripes without being too busy on the eyes. Check out this cool funky circus inspired rug from


Last but not the least, for the window treatment, I opted for contemporary panel curtains in the same shade as the wallpaper stripes and chandelier. This helps to anchor the scheme in place. Sheer curtains in white are placed behind the curtains to provide privacy during the day without preventing sunlight from entering the space.






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